Strategic Condo Investing

A condo as an investment have been very successful and has created millionaires in the city of Toronto. For the past few years, any project invested in would make 5 to 6 figures in the first year with a high level of certainty.

Since the financial crisis, things have changed. Condo buying is no longer like shooting fish in a barrel and guidance in your investment makes the difference between breaking even and breaking the bank.

What is Strategic Condo Investing?

We choose a few projects every season that we do the full research for. Rather than presenting every project under the sun and report the facts and figures provided directly by the developer, we do the in depth research that you need before making an investment decision.

How did Strategic Condo Investing Start?

We are investors too and when we want to buy something ourselves we learn EVERYTHING about it. There are always beneficial and contrary factors that we weigh to determine if the project is right for us.

This is what we provide our clients, the in depth work and effort that we use when we buy our own units.

Why Fewer Projects?

Being in an industry opens your eyes to its truths. In the preconstruction condo industry there are A LOT of projects being built by A LOT of developers and promoted by A LOT of realtors.

  • Its straight forward. How we have been successful is by choosing FEWER projects by researching indications of success and becoming authorities in those projects. It only makes sense that if you are the authority on a small number of very successful projects, you will attain success.
  • Developers like us more. Developers notice us working on a successful project, which is one of the keys to success for a team looking to be in an industry long term. When a quality developer sees you have in depth knowledge on their project, and you have a large group of informed, loyal clients, they naturally look to give you better access and better incentives to continue the relationship into the future.
  • It makes sense. Naturally we humans are able to become well skilled on a finite number of topics. When it comes to analysis and selection, we can do it for any project in the city. When it comes to knowing the ins-and-outs and history and background and developer story and neighbourhood directions, and… well you get the picture… it takes more than just reading the floorplans and referring you to the developer’s sales agents.

Every site online is telling you that they will put you at the front of the line and get you first access, which is key; but what’s the use of first access without the guidance of knowing whether the project is right for you?

To get involved in Strategic Condo Investing and get first access to units at the lowest price, fill in the form on the right side of the page.

The United Condo Transit Options Explained

For true Torontonians, transit from place to place ought to be straightforward and well defined. That’s how they live. Which is why United Condo will be connected to other top class businesses. Additionally it connects to other residential buildings by the state-of-the-art PATH connection system. But first off, being just off 481 University Avenue, this building comes at a strategic point of transit.  

Direct Access to St. Patrick Subway

This is to mean that users can access the site from different locations with ease. The direct access to St. Patrick Subway station will provide motorists with unprecedented convenience to reach key downtown areas as-well-as Midtown Toronto, York, and North York within a matter of a few minutes. This is why the condo has received a transit score of 100, providing seamless transit experience and creating a faster commute time to and from the building.

You can access Union Station and Bloor Street within just minutes of a ride. Besides the St. Patrick Subway Station, the United BLDG condo is also walkable from other subway stations like Osgoode subway and Queen subway.

What a High Walk Score Means to You

And with a stellar 99 walk score on board with this site, one can effortlessly walk around the downtown on foot to complete their daily routine within the vicinity. Simply put, people will be able to walk from the 481 University Avenue to other key places like the Hospital Row, the Bay Street corridor and the Financial District of Toronto with ease.

More convenience comes even with the walkable distances to nearby essentials. This includes restaurant options, banks, pharmacies and shopping malls such as the newly-renovated Eaton Center. A variety of landmarks surround the which are all just within a 5-minute walk. These include the Nathan Phillips Center, the AGO and Dundas Square, etc.

With a connection to Toronto’s PATH through a 30-kilometer, underground access to shopping spaces and other iconic office buildings such as the First Canadian Place and the Richmond Adelaide among others, navigation downtown will have a true Torontonian feel.

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The United Condo Designer Amenities in Detail

Due to the unrivaled experience of the United Condo Project Developers, Davpart Inc. at play, this condo tower will be a match made in heaven for the residents of Toronto. Right from the foundation, the tower takes nothing away but rather builds atop of the existing 9-story podium base to preserve the historic heritage that was embedded in the existing building.

Furthermore, a closer look at the floorplan breakdown reveals 134 studio suites, 328 one-bedroom suites, 219 two-bedroom suites, and 67 three-bedroom suites; all a total sum of 748 condo suites. Which are also complemented by the superior ultra-modern and innovative amenities that range anything from co-working spaces to Bocce Courts and a Dog run.

In that regard, it’s planned that the condo tower will house both interior and exterior amenities for the residents. Whether one lives along the 481 University Avenue or on the building itself, these amenities will be open to all. Here is a quick list of the amenities at the condo suite building:

Starting with Interior Amenities:

  • Luxury Residential Lobby
  • 24-hour Concierge
  • Party Room with Kitchenette
  • Card Longue
  • Co-working spaces
  • Fitness Facility\
  • Sports Lounge with Billiards
  • Golf Simulator
  • Video Gaming Lounge
  • Library
  • Theatre
  • Pool with Fire Place
  • Pool deck with Sun Loungers – both indoor and outdoor
  • Change Rooms
  • Sauna and Rain Room

Read about what makes this project so incredible here.

The Exterior Amenities

  • Dog Run
  • Reflection Pool
  • Yoga Deck
  • BBQs and Dining Area
  • Lounge with Fireplace
  • Hot Tubs
  • Pool Deck with Sun Loungers (Indoor and Outdoor)
  • Rock Garden

Most noteworthy is the special attention that went into the design of these condo amenities to suit the dynamic lifestyles of Torontonians. Even more, these areas provide a mix of different types of people – students, working class and commercials – the amenities are just what this diversity needs.

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The United Condo: Toronto’s Dream Condo Project

The United Condo project, once completed, will be the largest architectural restoration development in North America. It’s located at 481 University Avenue, Downtown Toronto. The building is being developed by Davpart Inc. The design is coming from B+H architects. The project will sit up from the existing commercial building Maclean-Hunter Publishing Company.

This magnificent tower will not only be a major development opportunity in the face of the city of Toronto but will also highlight this city at the levels of the greatest European cities such as London, and even New York of the US.


The United Condo Toronto is a mix-use 55-storey high-rise. It extends from the existing Maclean Publishing legacy building and will house over 700 new condominium suites.

Featured at the base of the glimmering tower, are commercial and retail spaces. Then above, are new residences. These have been thoughtfully combined with the luxury amenities and community features. Coming as an awesome capture for the residents who want to live, work and even play in Toronto’s 481 University Avenue. The excellent interior finishes of the modern-design condos reveal the brilliance of architecture behind this soon-to-be building.

Moreover, there is a sophisticated piece of engineering that features the fusion between ground level offices and retail spaces with the rest of the building above; via a double-storey colonnade pedestrian passageway.

Location and Neighborhood

For any building, location is everything. Located at 481 University Avenue, major landmarks surround The United BLDG condominiums. This offers anyone and everyone ease of access to upscale amenities. Read more about the transit options in our other article here.

Furthermore, it takes only a five-minute walk to the largest university in Canada – University of Toronto, and to the Ryerson University. There is also close access to St. Patrick Subway Station, the Bay Street Corridor, and the Toronto General Hospital – including many shops, restaurants and entertainment spots.

As a result, this translates to a walk score of 99/100; indicating that the building is walkable from just anywhere Toronto. Similarly, with a transit score of 100/100, world class public transportation surrounds this condo.  

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The United Condo at the Heart of The Toronto Financial Hub

The proposal of the United BLDG has it sitting in the Financial District of downtown Toronto. This is the second largest Financial center in all of North America with no signs of slowing down. The mixed-use condos come at a great time when the Toronto Financial District’s economy is at its strongest points.

For the investors and end users alike, there is every reason to remain optimistic in this project. The TFD has provided the best marketplace for such a mammoth building. Here in this specific space, condominiums are beginning to demonstrate why serious investments should be redirected in the real estate industry.  

Once the United Condo project is completed by 2025 (expected date), it will be part of the densely built-up Financial District’s high-rise tower community network. What this means is that it will sit along with the famous banking companies, corporate headquarters, legal and accounting firms, insurance firms and stockbrokers. And also join other world-class towers in leasing office space to some of the mentioned institutions and companies.

Read about the incredible amenities that the United Condo unit will have here.

United Condo Will Join Other Skyscrapers in the Heart of Toronto

Without a doubt, to be in the heart of downtown Toronto is an unbelievable bonus. This is not only great for this new condo development but the stakeholders as well. Keeping in mind that the Toronto Financial District is the second largest Finance center in the whole of North America. Approximately 100,000 commuters enter and leave this place each working day. This is a huge market place for investment in the condo project or doing business in the retail and commercial spaces located at the base of the building. The building will join the list of tallest buildings in Toronto’s Financial District. The likes of First Canadian Place, The Adelaide Toronto, Scotia Plaza, and others rise over 200 meters. And the United BLDG Condos, with 55 floors, will even rise above other skyscrapers within the same vicinity.

The Next Big Thing: The United Condo 481 University

One of the key attractions about The United Condo BLDG is that it’s located just off University Ave. Specifically, at the northeast corner of University Avenue and Dundas Street West. Stepping out of this building, there are a plenitude of transit options to downtown Toronto.

Investors will be observing this strategic placement. And given that the condos are within the walking distances of some of Toronto’s major employment corridors including the University of Toronto, Ryerson University, and OCAD University, investors can be hopeful of generating tremendous returns owing to the city’s prestigious thoroughfare.

Read more about it’s amazing location in the heart of the financial district here.

To that end, the three universities particularly provide an interesting feature for investors. The student population. Merged together, there could be over 100,000 students in those institutions. This includes 40% of this enrollment constituting a pool of international students. All these students will require nearby housing.

Combine this with the fast growing population of the city and the investors and end users will be running ahead of time in terms of expectancy and real time returns.

United Condo Will Be Part of a Rich Heritage

Davpart, who have taken the front foot in redefining the University Ave with this rich-heritage structure, is a true leader when it comes to real estate development industry. They will transfer the revolutionary features depicted in their impressive portfolio of developing retail, offices, industrial and residential properties (in the GTA) to the image of this United Condo Toronto building.

Once these luxury condominium suites are in place, there’s going to be unparalleled appeal to serious professionals and executives who work and live around the city downtown core. This is because of the proposed rich network of the offices and other social amenities. This includes restaurants, entertainment areas and multi-level shopping malls.

Indeed, the University Avenue community, including the students will experience the beauty of a modern haven on this street; in the name of the United Condos 481 University Avenue.

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